Science Lessons: What the Business of Biotech Taught Me About Management

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Generally viewed as the most inventive, fruitful biotech firm ever, Amgen drove its industry in income and deals development in 2007. Top magazines including Fortune and Industry Week have more than once named it one of America’s best organizations to work for.

In Science Lessons, Gordon Binder—CEO and director amid 1988-2000—depicts Amgen’s move to progress. Uncovering the highs and lows it encountered in the race to create blockbuster drugs, he takes perusers from the time Amgen had only three months of capital in the bank and no reasonable items in the pipeline to its terrific achievement. The defining moment? The 1989 dispatch of Epogen, which drastically helped kidney dialysis patients experiencing incapacitating pallor. Other point of interest drugs, including Neupogen, would take after.

Through drawing in accounts and relevant bits of knowledge, Binder weaves an entrancing story while offering his exceptional image of down to earth administration exhortation. Utilizing the principals of the logical strategy, he shares his proposals for handling squeezing business challenges, for example, overseeing inventive representatives, exploring the IPO procedure, and ensuring protected innovation.

This vivid first-individual record features the visionary science and brave business methodology that made Amgen awesome—offering significant lessons for all organizations.


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