Business Lessons From Hollywood: What I Learned as an Entrepreneur in the Capital of Entertainment

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“I moved to Los Angeles to break into the music business. After seven years I succeeded. In the process I found how Hollywood works. These are the techniques despite everything I apply today.” The main book in the “Business Lessons” arrangement, this title is tied in with working together Hollywood-style, anyplace on the planet, in any industry. The creator relates his undertakings in the film and music industry and distils from them more than seventy surprising business lessons that are anything but difficult to apply in any field. Stories in the book incorporate conferences with Hollywood stars, why famous people fly in private flies, how a Canadian shake assemble got set up out of a superstar party, how a vocalist blew a huge number of dollars in a matter of weeks, and what we as a whole can gain from them. Perusers get genuine direct knowledge into the most interesting industry of the world, converted into valuable business lessons that work in any profession. A portion of the lessons demonstrate how fruitful individuals in Hollywood made it. Others depict what to evade, in view of direct perceptions of the creator of those in his circle who went wrong. The business lessons are a long way from general or in view of motion picture cites, they come straightforwardly from the combat zone. Not breathtaking or presumptuous, but rather established in this present reality of business. This book is anything but difficult to peruse for business reference, new thoughts, or on a plane. Despite the fact that it is engaging, perusers find out about new points to manage circumstances and difficulties in their work and their business.


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